Newcastle Mela
FREE 2 day event
for all the family
24th - 25th August 2014
Newcastle Town Moor
12 Noon - 6:30pm

NO alcohol & NO national flags
In association with 
What is the Mela?

'Mela' originate from the Indian sub continent. The word Mela comes from the Sanskrit "to meet" and is related to the word  "milana". It is commonly used to describe a large gathering of people celebrating artistic, religious or political events - a fair or a festival. In the same way that many fairs or holidays in Europe would begin on the feast days of saints. Mela's in south Asia have their origins in religious gatherings such as, Eid Vaisakhi or Diwali.

Celebrations form an immeasurably important part of the sub-continent's fabric. Melas are feasts of sights, smells, sounds and tastes and will often feature bazaars, folk troupes, traditional and contemporary and modern music and dance.

From the desert Mela's of Rajasthan to the Baisakhi Melas of Bangladesh, Mela's are held throughout South Asia. Audiences can vary in size with Newcastle Mela attracting 30,000 people every year.

The Mela is a free event, based around Punjabi, Pakistani, Bengali and Hindi and other South Asian cultures, and is open to anyone who wants to learn more, be entertained and meet new people as well as enjoy different music, art and food in the heart of Newcastle.  With a line up including the hottest contemporary Asian acts as well as traditional displays of music and dance it's an event likely to appeal to all ages and races.


Taking place in Exhibition Park, the Mela promises to be weekend full of fun with music, games, stalls and exhibitions to help everyone have a great weekend!  With a stage playing host to musicians and dancers, hundreds of stalls selling arts and crafts and food and drink and a children's programme to help the kids learn, make friends and have fun; there's plenty to do whatever your tastes.

Meet The Team
Community Facilities
Karen McKenna from Community Facilities has been supporting the Mela from the very first one!

NAAM would like to thank her for her continued support!

Henna Ahmed
My names Henna Ahmed and I’m an Executive Management Committee member for Newcastle Asian Arts and Music. I have been organising the Mela in various capacities for 7 years and thoroughly enjoy it.
Although organising the Mela takes up a huge amount of my personal time alongside a full time job, watching the 2 days come together gives me an amazing buzz and makes it all worthwhile.
Irem Nadeem
Irem plays an integral part in organising the Newcastle Mela and is always on hand to pick up any tasks that need to be completed in order to ensure everyone attending has a fantastic time.

You might also have heard Irem on the ‘Irem and Amit Show’ on Spice fm (98.8fm).

Mohammed Yaqoob
Yaqoob is a valued member of NAAM and is chair of the Safety Advisory group (SAG) that ensures the Mela is a safe place for everyone.
Monjer Rashid.
Monjer has been involved in the Mela for many years and has been working towards diversifying the Newcastle Mela to reflect the Multicultural communities livng in the North East. He has helped shape the Mela in to celebration of Diversity, and multicultures and has introduced a Community Mela Partnership, and Advisory Committees, and developed a 'pre-mela' programme of participatory activities to engage with local YP and showcase local talent.
Mumtaz Sanam
Mr Sanam is a memeber of NAAM
Taj Mohammed
Taj has been the chairperson of NAAM for the last 15 years - and is Event Organiser
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